Monday, December 24, 2012

Year End Running

Ahh X-mas eve.  This is only my 3rd blog in December, but the truth is this month was much better than November.  I've managed over 30 miles in the last 14 days (including almost 7 today)!  Biking was a little down this month - just only 30 miles biking spread out over short commutes.  I've also got goals for the first time in a year.  2012 was goal-less - this year I'm starting to race again.

I finally managed to run around Tufts (not just to it).  Not hard - it's a tiny campus - only added 1 mile to my loop to Davis from Alewife.  I'll miss that run once my CambN gig ends.  That's good and bad - since I like the runs around Cambridge and Boston - although I can see a day when the bridges get a little boring.  I'll have to mix in some intervals and swims.

Although the year was bad for running - it was actually good on a few levels.  I feel strong due to my almost weekly weight workouts.  And I've biked more than ever thanks to the commute.  I'm not sure if the short commute miles count for much - but it's 20 minutes a few days a week that most folks sit in the car.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Phlegm, Mucus and Guinness

More sick.  5 weeks and counting.  I actually feel pretty good today - I did about 48 minutes of the Bob Harper workout this morning - which is probably about as good a workout as I've had in awhile.  I did a short swim workout last Monday - felt awesome.  I felt so good Tuesday morning that I did a short run to Davis Sq, but the next two days I felt worse.  Again slightly better Friday, and managed another run (into Arlington on the MM bike trail).  Feeling better this weekend, although still congested and now my side abdomen is pulled or strained, so it hurts like hell every time I cough.

Probably the worst part this week was Wednesday and Thursday when I was dragging at work. Very difficult to focus and get stuff done.  The congestion really does me in.  I was oddly happy when I had meetings to occupy me (which I usually hate).

Best part of the week was hitting the Druid in Inman square for Guinness.  My god that beer tested good.  I'd like nothing more than to hang out there, maybe play some cards and drink a few beers.  Too bad it'll probably be 6 months before I ever find myself back there.

If/when I start feeling better again - I'd like to pick a few races to target in 2013.  Maybe a 10K like this in the spring, and then find a good half in the fall.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Month of November.

Can't say I loved November.  I was basically sick for the whole month.  This cough just doesn't quit.  The good news is that I managed 77 miles on the bike commuting.  The bad news is that the running was pathetic - no runs last week; no week over 10 miles; spotty strength training.  I had a doctors appointment last Friday - nothing good - they said it's normal to have a hacking cough for 3-1/2 weeks - so glad I got my flu shot this year.

With no luck from the Dr. I looked back at last year's blog entries.  One thing stood out - lots of pool time all last fall and winter.  I headed to the MIT pool and did my first laps in awhile - will probably head back if possible later this week.  Very therapeutic workout.