Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tune-up Day

Today I did 3.76 miles - just the Avery Point loop and back up. It felt lethargic. Which brings me to my molecule of the week: Claritin. Also known as Loratadine, this wonderful drug is a great non-sedating antihistamine - and works well for many people at treating seasonal allergies - which I hope is what's been making me feel like garbage lately. (it's also a good example of how the government/FDA can screw-up, and actually drive-up drug cost (by basically eliminating this drug's patent life).

Almost forgot. Swim last night for ~1200 yards. Felt good. I did the 300, 4x100, 4x50, 4x25 backwards ladder again. I took less breadth between laps and felt strong (less allergens in doors apparently). If I have time next week, I may try the 400 straight through.

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