Friday, April 25, 2008

Long Run Friday

Today I did 8.13 miles at lunch in ~1:07 - good for a ~8:15 min/mile pace. I wanted to do the 9.5+ mile run home from work but I have a toddler birthday party to attend when I get home and didn't want to fatigue myself going into that. Besides, it was beautiful out there today. I did a similar route as my recent 7.5 milers - but added the Jupiter loop during the first lap. Totals for the week: 26 eqmiles (22 running). The long run accounted for only 31% of the total - which is good. My only concern is that I will not have done many runs longer that 7.4 miles heading into the Twilight Trail Run - which could come back to bite me (even though I keep telling myself that I'm not really racing that - I don't want over 8:00 min/miles for that race). Also of note, this is probably the longest I've done without speed work in a very long time. I think this is helping the arch-pain - but it's hard to tell (I still have it - and I've made a lot of other adjustments). I may or may not run the Clamdigger on Sunday...



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