Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Closing out the year

Well, after getting all motivated to start spring running, I got some sort of head congestion cold.  I pushed through my wife's b-day, xmas eve and xmas celebrations - then basically passed out yesterday.  I'm a little better today - but still not running.  I thought I would rank my top 3 races this year.

Number 1: Adrian Martinez mile.  There is actually a video tape of this online - in which I seem to be running comically slow.  Nevertheless - it is a Mente record of 5:59.  My only sub-six of my life.  It was also a really fun track meet.  I my goal this year is to lower that time - and maybe look better doing it.  In the fall - I'll try to translate my new found speed to a longer distance.

Number 2: The arlington town race.  Sure - it was 2.7 miles. But more than the marathon itself - this race reminds me of all those days doing marathon training.  The race came after I ran a pretty rough 18 miler - and it kinda percked my spirits.  And I finished second overall!  Second fastest man in arlington.

Number 3:  Ras Na 5k.  I could pick the marathon - but I really didn't like melting down.  So I'm going to go with this.  The race was pretty average for a 5k - but at least the after party was fun.  Great day, great food and wonderful friends.

Ragnar was fun this year also - but i ran pretty poorly with allergies - and it isn't really a race.


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