Friday, October 07, 2016

Last two training runs

So I've basically done all the hard stuff.  11 'long' runs (over 10 miles); 6 short interval/track sessions; 6 longer interval/strength sessions and 11 marathon pace runs - most in the 8-10 mile range - of which this morning was my last one.  It lasted 1 hour and 6 minutes and covered 8.5 miles.  I didn't feel great yesterday at work, and not great during my lunch run Wednesday - but felt a little better this morning.  Finished with a 7:42 pace - but was probably under 7:40 for the first 7 miles - before the climb at the end.  I was trying to push - but keep it comfortable.  I ran down to alewife - then the path over to mass.ave - then back up the bike path to my turnaround point and back in.

These are funny runs - because I was really dreading the first 8 mile one I had planned back in July/August.  And they were hard - especially with the heat.  Now, they are still hard - but I feel like I can do them on demand - not really a problem.

Wednesday I did my 2x3 miles at lunch.  A few problems.  It was too hot for what I was wearing - I usually don't have that problem.  My nipples hurt from chafing on Monday - not good.  And I felt like I had the flu.  I almost stopped after the first 2 mile interval - but nips kinda numbed and I decided I would feel worse if i didn't finish. The first two were to fast 7:12 pace.  The middle two I can't pace - and the last two were slower: 7:20 and 7:37.

Finally a taper!  I'm hoping to do 8 on Sunday, 5 on Mon/Wend/Fri - and then run this thing.


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