Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another long run.

Today I did what I've wanted to be doing more of - long run home from work.  It's mostly flat, but has a decent net up hill at the end.  As is usual, I had some timing issues.  I let the starva keep running during water refill and traffic stops, and also forgot to start my watch a few times.  In the end, I think I can estimate an average of about 8:37 over the 18.7 miles.  I won't give per-mile pacing, but the splits were pretty bad.  I would expect that for the uphill, but they were bad even considering that.  I may have to try it again for the 20+, but I'm not sure where to add the extra mileage.  

Good news is that I had zero major issues with the legs.  Bad news is that my back really ached.  Kind of middle top.  Hard to imagine running 7:50s with that pain the whole way.


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