Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Give me strength!

Today I did the first of my 'strength' workouts.  It is the second scheduled - but I missed last week with the weird ankle thing.  So I left, very tired, this morning with two concerns: the ankle and the toe nail.  I finished, but it does seem, moving forward, that the toe nail is going to be a bigger issue moving forward.  Anyway - the strength workout: 8 miles total - 6 at pace.  Going up the fast ones were: 7:21, 7:38 and 7:32 (about 7:30).  Coming down I did 7:29, 7:09 and 7:23 - about 7:20s.  So pretty good.  These don't get harder - and should get easier with the weather hopefully cooling down.  Tomorrow is off.  Friday is the MP for 9 miles.


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