Monday, August 29, 2016

17 MIle Long Run

I ran up to Bedford today on the minuteman.  Was out the door at 5:30 - needed to be back by 8 and ready to go at 9 - so off I went in the dark.  Was pretty pokey heading up - an average of about 8:40 on the way up.  Faster coming down - about 8:25s on average - but pacing kinda follows the elevation.

I had some extensor tendon soreness/feeling out of the gate - but seemed to go away - and feels fine now.  I had my normal, but severe pain in the back - kinda to the left of the spine - upper back.  I'll need to look into what to do with this.  The other problem - I somehow jammed my toe-nails after I crested the last hill - last half-mile of the run.  The right foot one is still sore.  I wonder if it's related to the KT taping of the big toes.  I'll need to monitor that also.

Good news - only two more really long runs.  I'll definetely take the half-days and run these from home.


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