Monday, August 15, 2016

15 Miler. Done.

Had the choice of going out early today - or running home in the heat.  It looked like the humidity would be down this afternoon - and maybe not so bad - but I decided to go out at 6 and get it over with.  Heat actually felt pretty good the whole run - so maybe a good decision.  Had a decent pace - 8:32s, and 2:09 overall.  The last mile was slow - all uphill.  It felt hard.  I was sluggish at the beginning - and maybe felt the best during the brief downhill after Lexington - to the 128 bridge.  Legs are sore now - but felt ok until the last mile.  Had pretty acute upper back pain - kinda pinch between the shoulder blades.  I remember it from last year - pretty annoying.


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