Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 7 10 miler

i headed out from work and did what I thought was about 10 miles - up to the arsenal bridge and back.  Great day weather wise.  Very breezy - but mid 70s and low humidity.  Big toe was kinda sore, and I have a new pain at the bottom front of my right leg, just before it meets the foot.  It's a new one!    Hopefully, just bad lacing, or a day off can help.  It felt fine when I put on other shoes to walk to dinner, but hurt when I put the adrenalines back on to walk to central.  No idea on exact mileage and pacing, as my phones SIM card is messed up.

Did 7.4 yesterday up and down the bike path.  5 the day before.  Felt really tired all day.  Should go to bed early.


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