Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fastest Man in Arlington!

Well.  Second fastest.  First in my age group at a 2.7 mile fun run.  Overall pace was about 6:33 - so pretty good short mileage fitness right now.  I followed that up with a 8:21 pace over 8 miles the next day.  While the race day was a picture perfect day - Sunday's run kinda stunk.  Monday I ran home from work.  This covered 10.7 miles and was about a 8:20 pace.  It felt hard - but the pacing was ok.  Today I did 3x2 miles.  The first two miles were pretty fast - sub 7s (6:39 for mile 1).  I did about 7:15s on the second two and was in the 7:20s for the last 2.  Overall it was a 7:09 pace for the six miles.  All in all a pretty good set of runs.  Tomorrow is off and my first 10 mile MP run Friday.


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