Monday, October 03, 2016

Week 13!

Did my final 'long' run for this plan: 10.4 miles at a 8:04 pace.  I really didn't want to run fast - but I do think it is easier to cruise along on the flats after all that hill running.  I was actually aiming for 8:30s, but noticed that my pacing after two miles was about 8:08, so I kept chugging.  It's really not worth going into every mile.  But I did do 7:47 and 7:50 the last two since I was feeling good.  The shin hurt the first mile or two but loosened up nice.  have kind of a blister from the shoe on my left foot arch though.  It's a tiny bubble now - two weeks to work on it - but I think i'll be running the marathon in the older shoes, since I don't have any longer runs to test out these suckers.


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