Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Thoughts

For the second year I did the somerville RRs 'gobble gobble gobble'.  I did the 4 miles in just under 7 min/mile pace: 27:54.  Not bad - but certainly not great.  I'll be heading back to davis sq for the jingle bell run.  Thanksgiving was wonderful - went to our friends in Concord.  Friday was lazy.  Saturday was lazy and Sunday was lazy.  I spent much of the time obsessing about doing a 50 miles in 50 hours type of thing some weekend - and the different ways I could possibly split up the mileage.  I think this is going to happen - although I may try a 30 mile in 30 hours type of thing first.

What else did I do.  Some planks - I read an article that says you should be able to do 2 minutes easy.  I can do about a minute, and the sides are harder.


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