Monday, November 21, 2016

Shoes and Injuries

So here is a picture of most of the shoes that I've used for either this year's or last year's marathons.  From left to right.

  • I started last year with the brooks ravenas.  These felt wonderful, and light, but seemed to aggrevate my plantar fasci pain - which plagued me all last year.  
  • I ended up running in the Mizuno's which were great: light, responsive, comfy - the only problem was that they aggrevated my left outer ankle in a weird way - which pretty much shut down my spring running last year for multiple months.  
  • Not shown are my brooks adrenlines - not shown because they are still being used and are in my locker at work.  These shoes were solid for most shorter runs.  They were not very comfortable and not very light.  Whats worse still, they seemed to not fit right - and on longer runs they caused two kinda bizarre injuries - the aggravated the front of the foot on a 10 miler and resulted in nice black toe nails on my 17 miler.  I ended up not using them much as the training went on.
  • I then switched to the Hoka constants.  The constant 1 (grey) was my go-to shoe.  Not super light - but solid stability and cushioning.  These got me through my longest runs of training - and I ended up doing at least half of my total mileage in these suckers.  I did the marathon in them as well - my left knee went at mile 22 - but I'm not blaming the shoes.  
  • I bought the NB whatevers after the brooks issues.  These about killed my feet.  Major pain along the bottom of my right foot.  I did about 8 miles in these once and decided I must not ever run in them again.  I made the mistake of grocery shopping in them - and they killed my foot again.  I'm sure NB have some fine shoes - but I'll never buy them again, and certainly regret this purchase.  
  • Finally I got the constant 2s.  They feel a little worse than the constants - and the fit is bigger - not as snug - which may be why the feel isn't as good.  Maybe good shoes - but should've sized down - thus highlighting the perils of online shopping. 
So that is the run down.  I basically am using the brooks and old hokas now.  I'm not sure what to do with the new hokas.  I think I may just eat the cost for them and the NBs.

Today - I have run 4.6 miles - normal loop.  Nicer day running than it seemed like it was going to be.


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