Sunday, January 27, 2013

This winter sucks.

How many sick-days can I have since Oct?  Feels like a lot.  Was sick Wednesday/Thursday last week - as well as today.  Managed a swim at MIT Thursday; did 2 short (~30 min.) training sessions and 1 short (3.5 mile) run as well.  How much is did last week suck?  Temps in the single digits, tv broke, car battery dead - aaa wouldn't drop a battery in - not sure why.  And I feel like crap today - so skipping my strength training now.  

On the bright side, started the 100 push-up thing again  Actually had a pretty good week at work and a nice date night at the Watch City Brewery.  Can't say I was crazy about their brews though - out of ipa, 'titan ale, kinda weird wit, no trippel or dunkel.

Hopefully I'll be feeling better next week and get some runs in.


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