Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Travel, Travel, Travel...

That is my excuse for not blogging.  2 weeks ago we headed to Jersey - didn't do much Wed-Friday.  Made it out for one run (4.7) and one trip on the bike (13).  The next week was only slightly better: one run (4.7) and 3 bikes for 31 miles.  This week - wanting to get back in the swing of things, I've started out with 2 runs (10.7 miles) and 2 bike-ins for 26 miles.  Pretty good - although my ass needs a rest.  Also I got pulled over by a cop today for going about 4 mph up a hill on a two-way street that has a sign in front saying do-not-enter.  I won't complain much - but wtf?  Next time I bike i'm walking it up - but these towns really make it rough on bikers.  I could understand if the road was closed to traffic - but I can rip down that same street the other way at 30 mph.


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