Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Odd Spring Week

An odd Spring week - partly because it felt an awful lot like Winter, partly because it was a little introspective.  I felt really good after last week's race, but the mood/motivation kinda soured as the week wore on.  I'm kinda in the spot of the year when I feel like I need to start crank'n out results at work - but it is work, and as such, results don't just crank by showing up.  Not much going on the fitness front either:  did a 4.7 mile run Tuesday, was out of town Wednesday, and it was too busy/cold Thursday and Friday to do anything more than some biking.  

I'm torn now as well.  Sunday afternoon - part of me wants to start crank'n on work, a bigger part of me wants to take a nap (long night last night).  I should probably try and relax...


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