Saturday, February 16, 2013

Summer of George!

I've been about as good at blogging workouts as I have been at doing them recently.  I think there is a bit of drain from my google docs tracking and now I have (finally) an iphone with the Run keeper app.  I won't go back too far - other than to say that we got dumped on by a blizzard this time last week (pic).  

I did manage last weekend to sign up for a 5K in Davis square sometime in March.  Feeling inspired - and very unprepared - I actually made it out 3 times last week:  a 4.7 miler with Larry Tuesday; a 5.8 miler Thursday (I did a few pickups - I think ~4x800s); Friday I did 4.3 - but tried to do the first 2.3 at about an 8:15 pace - and then run the back half faster - I finished at ~7:50 pace overall.

My family is headed out to visit the in-laws for the early part of this week.  I always get the 'summer of george' feeling now - all sorts of stuff I want to do.  One thing is take in a basketball game - I'm thinking unh@bu basketball tomorrow at 1.  I'd also have a list of crap to do:  food shopping, setup on-line stock account, find optomitrist, find lost contacts, recycle huge-ass tv; as well as work todos: setup postgreSql; simulation stuff, R code.  We'll see - in the end - it's less than 4 days.


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