Saturday, March 08, 2014

Race Training

From the plot - my weight kinda rebounded from week seven, and I'm struggling to keep it down.  I'm one week away from my first race in a year, and I'm in pretty bad shape.  I blame the winter - this has been a tough winter.  Last weekend was brutal, and I was so drained Monday that I did nothing.  I manged to rebound Tuesday: I did a strength workout before work, and then a lunch run.  Wednesday I drove to Groton and did the old loop - 5.2 miles.  I took Thursday off, but then did the run into work Friday for my longest run of the year at 6.2 miles, including a 5 or 6 ~1/2 mile fartleks.  A good week - but I think I'm in a bit of trouble next weekend - no way I sniff 6:34s.  Oh well - I'll just have to find a few more runs later in the spring.


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