Saturday, February 08, 2014

More Graphs

So I forgot to mention in my last update that I finished last week fairly strong.  I had 2 good swims Monday and Thursday - each included a solid 1000 meter swim.  This was one of my goals doing the month swim pass.  I managed 11 uses (10 swims, 1 indoor run) over 5 weeks.  I'll probably delay getting another pass until March - since I can't use it next week (work schedule) and February is a short month.  

I also managed 2 runs - a short icy run which kinda sucked on Tuesday, and a 4.7 miles (normal loop) yesterday - which also sucked - but at least it felt like a real workout.  

Finally - taking another look at my weight loss efforts is a R 'changepoint' plot.  These are recognizable from financial analysis - and is maybe better at identifying the 'steppy' feel of monitoring weight - which probably recognizable to people that have decided to diet.  Here, a solid 2 weeks goes by before the algorithm sees the first break-point - i'm guessing this is a fairly general effect and one of the reasons people who struggle with weight have difficulty early on.  I know I was cutting calories effectively - but weight really does fluctuate a bit - making 'success' difficult to see early.  Then - after the first 'success', another difficult plateu.  Probably 24 days or so before this second cliff breaks and encouraging 'loss' is seen.

Anyway - nice to see, and some very easy to plug-in-play R packages.

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