Monday, January 20, 2014

Running and Reading

I ended up with 14 miles over 3 runs last week + 2 swims for over 2400 meters in the pool.  I've also been reading a lot of running stories from this year's version of 'the Best American Sports Writing'.  The 3 that focused on running were (in reverse order of how they appeared in the book): 'Running' by Cinthia Ritchie which is a rich description of running and living - along the motivational lines; 'Redemption of the Running Man' by Dan Koeppel which is about a brit named Robert Garside who ran over 40,000 miles around the world - and, amazingly, didn't really get credit for it; lastly 'Marathon Man' by Mark Singer - an astounding account of Kip Litton - who for some reason fakes running marathons - and has a whole group of people not just wondering why - but trying to figure out how he does it.  It's a fasincating read and leaves you wondering why people do such bizarre things.

This week the cold is likely going to take it's toll - I managed a short run today (just less than 3), and will hit the pool twice - hopefully Friday will be warm enough to manage another run - but we'll see how this polar vortex plays out.  I always get fooled into thinking winter is winding down with weeks like last - and then start to remember the many miserable February's that i've suffered through.  At least we get the olympics this year to keep us occupied. 


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