Friday, October 18, 2013

'Ed of the Chaales!

I've missed a lot of time from blogging my runs!  Stretching back to last week, I managed to stagger in for a good 12.5 miler last Thursday.  It felt really hard, but I lived and managed to do my 'poster' at work that night (2 hours of standing).  I felt rough Friday, but it worked out ok as my mother was in town for a visit - so Friday/Saturday/Sunday were all rest.  Saturday night was fun - my wife and I had a nice dinner in Cambridge and then headed to Boston for the Kingsley Flood concert - which was amazing.  Message to all those in the Boston area - go support live music and have a blast.

This week training started on Monday - which I took off - and did the Bob Harper 67.  Tuesday was a rest day since I forgot my socks at work.  So the week wasn't off to the best start - but I regrouped.  Wednesday I did my first run in 6 days - the normal 4.7 miler.  Thursday I biked too and from work.  Then today - and epic lunchtime 10.5 miler along the Charles River.  Possibly the best day/run of the year.  Legs are a little sore - but feeling ok.  Can't say i'm in 1/2-marathon shape - but really not a horrible week considering all that was going on.  Drinking a recovery IPA.  Looking forward to the weekend.


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