Sunday, October 06, 2013

Long at Last

Carbo loading!
I finally made it out for a long run: 9 miles last week.  I haven't really done anything over 6.5 since last spring when I did a few in the 8-9 range.  If I want to do a half in Novermber, I'll have to ramp-up quick - so I'm thinking 13 this week.  Either Wednesday on the way home - or Thursday/Friday on the way in.  Highlights last week - pretty much hit all the goals: st67, hills (tuesday), round-trip bike commute (wend.), long run (thursday) - plus 2 extra runs sprinkled in.  5 hours and 44 minutes of 'training'.  I should also try and throw a few speed sessions in before the half - so maybe i'll hit the mit track at lunch this week.


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