Monday, August 26, 2013

A Goal and a Good Week.

I had a decent week last week - 3 runs for 14.4 mile, but a zany 27.6 miles on the bike - and I found a kinda neato way to get home through Harvard Sq.  I think the biking took it's toll though, Fridays run was a slog, as was today's - not sure why as today was an issue - took the weekend off.

I do have some idea for fall running though.  I think I'd like to attempt a half either in Wayland 11/3 or Newton on 11/10.  Both have the potential to be hilly runs from hell - so I may need to scout it out a little - but I think I'd benefit from some goal-oriented training.  My strength work still suck.

Although I'm excited about the upcoming college football season - there is a nice write-up on my alma-matter in the Running Times.  Go Jacks!


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