Thursday, August 08, 2013

Kick'n It.

Finally hitting a bit of a groove training-wise - mainly because the weather has been awesome for this time of year.  Nice and cool - low humidity.  Last week I ended up with over 15 miles running and 18 miles biking - and all that in only 3 days!  I took Spirit down to AC for the remainder of the week and had a nice beach day Friday.  Back to work this week and I've managed 3 runs (14 miles) and 3 bike days (22 miles) - so finally able to pile a little bit of work on.  The runs have been good progressions as well.  Monday I started 8:19, then 7:58, 7:59 and 7:38.  Yesterday's run was tough because of the biking, but I still managed negative splits: 8:36, 8:04, 7:55, 7:52, 7:42.  Today I did 8:43, 7:27, 7:16 before loafing it in.


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