Sunday, June 02, 2013

Go Fly a Kite.

So the week before last was pretty good from a workout perspective.  15 miles broken up over 3 runs, and  27 miles biking via the commute - totaling over 5 hours!  Very nice.  The week at work was great as well - very quite - got a lot accomplished.

Last weekend was my daughter's 7th.  Happy birthday kido - hope your life is all flying unicorns.  The week went pretty downhill from that point.  Horrible day memorial day.  Made it for one run Tuesday (and 5 miles biking) - but was sick the remainder of the week.  blistering headache - super crabby wife.  You name it - it sucked last week.  Here's hoping for a little less pollen (i'm blaiming allergies for this) and hormones moving forward - and a few more happy miles.


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