Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Quick September.

As much as I complained about the weather in Boston the last year - the last month has been wonderful.  Great weather pretty much every week.  The last two weeks just brilliant.  Two weeks ago I had one the most well-rounded weeks in recent memory: 3 runs totaling 17.4 miles - including a 6.9 miler; 29 miles on the bike.  It was missing a strength workout because my wife and I were bickering a little that morning so I went shopping instead.  Life happens.

Last week was a not quite as good - only 11 miles running to go with 21 miles on the bike.  I felt sick the latter half - so that cut into it.  I'm off to an ok start this week.  I did the 67 minute strength workout Sunday, our normal 4.7 miler yesterday and hills today while waiting for the chimney dude (only 3 miles total - but I did 3 sets of hills: 2; 2 and 3 minutes).  I'm thinking biking tomorrow - and then I'll have to pile on some mileage Thursday - maybe with a run home from work.


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