Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the World Edition

So I had a solid week. 21 miles - broken down to 3 runs. Monday I did 5 miles - but the workout was 4x800s. I really liked this workout - it is kinda over before you know it - but you certainly find yourself working pretty hard for those 4 intervals. Wednesday I did 5 miles pretty quick ~ 38 minutes - but the first one was ~8 min/mile, so the final 4 should've been around 7:30 or slightly under. Not the best tempo pace - but Larry and I were certainly working hard. Today was the dreaded 11 miler. Funny how 11 miles during marathon training is the easiest workout ever - but now, over 18 months later, feels pretty hard again. I did it in 1 hour 37 minutes. I ended up running it this morning after dropping the kids off at school. I did the first 3rd in 35 minutes (beginning 'till the rail road tracks), then I did the Haly farm loop (from rr-tracks back to Bluff point parking) in 31 minutes - and finished the last 3.6 miles in 31 minutes. It was a good workout - it felt long - but certainly build confidence for the Twilight Trail Run. Hopefully the world can hold it together until then!

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