Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Week 6.

How long is this training plan anyway? Ah yes, 10 weeks. With that in mind - I was hoping to get some speed in. Problem is, I'm still doing hill-work. Solution: back-to-back hill-speed days! And that's exactly what I did. Yesterday - great day for running - did 60;75;90;60;75;90. Relatively easy as hill-work goes. The hill we train on rewards longer intervals because it flattens out a little at the top - and as a bonus the rest time (going back down) is longer.

We followed that up with an attempt at a 3x1600 - which we turned into: 1600;800;1600. We were going to do another 800 at the end - but that seemed like overdoing it a little. The first 1600 was form the golf course to just past Avery point (2nd house on the left). The 800 was around Jupiter and the final 1600 was the Sneeker's mile. Times looked good: 6:40, 3:02; 6:35 - actually ran the last one a little faster.

I'm hopping to do 4 miles tomorrow - including a 2 mile 'tempo' (but pretty easy); and then 8 miles Friday.

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