Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rehab week 2

This week started with a work trip Monday, so Tuesday kicked things off with a short pool session.  Yesterday I did my first bike into work in forever.  It felt pretty good.  I did notice some ankle soreness last night, which I think has been less pronounced in general.  I decided to forgoe a second trip in this week, and instead try 2 of the shorter alewife trips.  I did the first of those today.  I also did  my first real exhausting swim today.  200, kick for 200 (in place and 2 laps), then 1x400, 2x100 and 4x50 (then some cool down strokes).  I did the 100s in under 2 minutes and the 50s in about 50 seconds, with flip turns.  Swimming hard took a lot out of me.  I'm pretty gassed now.  And hungry.


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