Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Break!

Spring break this week.  My goal was to rest the knee and find some other outlets for training.  But all that would have to wait, as I headed up to VT with my family for the first time ever.  We stayed overnight on Sunday and did a nice - though fairly challenging hike near Stowe on Monday.  Tuesday saw my return to work and Wednesday I returned to working out - buying the MIT pool pass.  I did swims each of these last 3 days: 1150, 1250 and 1000.  I also biked to Alewife yesterday and today.  All in all - I probably did 15-16 eq. miles in lieue of running.  I'm hoping to do about 2 swims a week and keep biking to Alewife as much as possible over the next month.


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