Friday, March 18, 2016

Last Two Weeks

Had an eventful last few weeks.  Two weeks ago started simple enough with our second hill workout of the session.  The next day I played hokey from work and went skiing at waterville valley in 50+ degree temps.  A truly awesome day - probably one of the top days of my life.  Just amazing.  Decent skiing, considering the weather and conditions - and no crowds.  The next day I was in Groton for work and to see my tax dude.  Did 5 miles at work - pretty slow - on sore legs.  Friday I did 6.5 miles, then felt not so good that night after beers.  I think I had to stay home Thursday with a sick kid.  So a choppy week.

The week ended Sunday with the Ras Na Hiernan (sp??) race in Somerville.  Went out fast 6:20s, then lopped it in slow - average pace was 6:42.  Recovered with 4 beers through the afternoon and felt awful that nigh.  Felt sick Monday/Tuesday - went in for strep test Monday - negative.  Had to host a visitor at work for Wed/Thur.  Got home thursday for a sewage backup in the basement - not good - lucky the wife handled most of it.  Made it our for 8.3 today - felt awful again.  All told - kinda two weeks of crazy - looking forward to normal next week.


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