Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 3 - with new shoes!

Today I woke up and attempted my track workout.  Last week I was sick, this week construction at the track kept me from my appointed rounds.  I was able to do the workout - just not as precise as I'd hoped.  I didn't have my phone to track mileage- so I did 5x4:15s - figuring that 1000m should be about 4:15 at a slightly faster than 7 min/mile pace.  Who knows how fast I did them - but they felt hard in the humidity.  Better than last week.  It was also my first go in my new shoes - I bought the Brooks Ravenna 6 - after getting my stride checked.  They are a lighter version of the adrenlines which I used to run in.  I did have some heel pain - so I'll have to monitor that - had that last year when I tried switching to asics ds-trainers.
Yesterday I did the 67 minutes strength session - so my legs are pretty shot today.  I'm looking forward to the swim on Tuesday.  Should be some relatively easy days ahead before Fridays 12 miler.


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