Friday, July 24, 2015

Sick Week

This week started out with me sick on Monday.  This involved body aches and a fever.  I felt pretty bad Monday night as well, but woke up feeling relatively better.  By the end of the work day Tuesday I decided to do the Walden swim.  Did about 27 minutes - a good bump up from last week.

Wednesday I made it out from work and did my 3 mile tempo run - with good pacing this time - 3 7:30 miles in a row.  We ran two miles before and after that - the last 2 slow miles actually felt pretty hard in the heat - but I was pretty happy to get the run in after being sick.

Today I did a little over 10 miles in from Arlington - overall pace was 8:10 or so.  The 10 felt easy, but my legs are now pretty sore.  More or less back on track after the little hickup.  

Next week is suppose to be hot - so I'm thinking of doing the track early Monday, and then maybe running in on both Wednesday and Friday if I can do that logistically with the clothes.  We'll see - planning is not my strength.


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