Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Finding a Balance

I did my second marathon training run in the heat today.  I was suppose to do 5 miles at tempo pace (7:20-7:40) - but in the heat the pace should have been dialed back to maybe 7:40-7:50.  I had trouble pacing and did the first two miles under 7:20 and ended up with 3 at 7:22 - but I was melting in the heat and had to stop.  Not a huge deal - it was still a nice workout - but since 7:50 is my MP goal - I need to be able to find that better.  In some ways the phone gps was screwing me up - it would have a sub 7 pace showing, and i'd slow a little and it would jump up to over 8 - I don't think i was running that choppy - probably should have just ignored it....

Yesterday did my first swim in forever.  Headed to Walden with bruce.  I did 6 minutes out and back (12 min) - then a 3 minute swim with the girls - then another 6 minutes by myself.  With them playing I didn't want to leave them for too long.  Anyway, a good re-intro - need to focus on doing a solid 1/2 hour next time though.


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