Sunday, May 31, 2015

Newburyport Half

This morning I headed out to do the Newburyport river run - a half marathon distance around the town of Newburyport.  The race started promptly at 9:15.  Good thing I arrived early - as I thought it was suppose to go off at 9:30.  I've had a spell of poor showings recently, so I was hoping for a decent time.  The race started off swift - about 7:20s for the first two miles, but the weather was very muggy and I knew I would never keep that up.  I moderated the pace and tried to hit the 7:30s since it's easy to keep track off.  After an hour, I was still pretty close to that.  I know I hit the ten mile mark at 1:16:30 a so I was about 740s overall.   The last 3 were harder than I would've hoped, but I finished at 1:40 on the nose, good for a 7:38 pace overall.  This places it as my second fastest of 5 attempts at this distance, my best being 7:20s, my third best over 8 min/mile.  Given the muggy morning, I'm pretty happy with that.


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