Wednesday, July 29, 2015

4 Mile Tempo

This morning I ran into work - 6.6 miles total running - a little more than that total since I had to walk for about 5 minutes following the tempo part.  I started the tempo on blanchard st in belmont and did the first two miles through Fresh Pond to Lakeview.  Mile 1 was 7:35, mile 2 was 7:49.  I was feeling it at mile 3 - which took me along brattle to Harvard - a 7:35 pace.  I seemed to regroup for the last mile - a 7:31 to Western avenue.  It was hot and felt overheated so I cooled off and walked before jogging it in.  6.6 total.

Swam last night at Walden - did the .9ish mile swim out to the opposite shore and back.  It took a solid 45 minutes.  Felt good afterward - but a little out of it last night.  I think those can be sneaky hard workouts.  Should be able to do the same workout the next two weeks with the kidos at camp.


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