Friday, October 23, 2009

Ugh. Long Run.

The run itself actually felt great, I'm just paying for it now. I decided to try this workout from a few years back in RW. I did the half-marathon version a few years ago: 2x3mile tempos - and thought it was a pretty nice workout then. The marathon version is a 2x6 mile tempos - which I did at a almost-tempo-like 7:50 pace (23:30 per 3-mile lap - 47 minutes for each 6 mile 'interval'). It certainly made the 15 miler more interesting - although I'm not certain the pace was necessarily fast enough to qualify as a good tempo work. These are suppose to increase your 'lactate threshold' - which I'm guessing is the searing pain you feel during a fast 3 mile tempo run. I really didn't experience that today. The pace was probably about correct though (7:30 for a hilly 10K + 20 seconds). Still, it felt more like an endurance building 15 miler than any tempo run I've ever done. Anyway - 1 week + 1 workout - and I'll finally be in 'taper land' (if a 40 mile week is considered tapering). Overall the workout was 1 mile warm up, 1 mile cool down and 1 mile in-between 2 6 mile tempo intervals - good for 15 miles.

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