Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week 11.

I've already blasted through the first 3 runs of week 11. Monday I started out with a tough 5.3 miler by myself. It was the first run of the year that felt cold and windy and I hated it. It took me 47:30 to finish. Yesterday wasn't much better - I headed to Bluff Point after work and did the 7.4 mile Twilight Trail Run course. I finished the Haley Farm loop just as some local high school teams were gathering for a meet. Total time: 1:06. Today was much nicer - I was thinking miserable cold again and bundled up, but I had the 2 Dave's running with me and the sun was out and everything was good - total of 5.2 miles in 45:30.

Nothing to intense. Tomorrow I get a much needed rest day after 7/8 run days totaling 55 miles. Then it's my second and last 20 miler Friday - once again in rain and wind - what's up with all the rainy long runs? Hopefully it won't be too bad.

In other news - I received my new Brooks Adrenlines. They feel pretty good out of the box and I'll probably try them for 20 on Friday.

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