Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 9: Yasso 800s

Hard to believe I'm in week 9 already. I did some off-track Yasso 800s today. These are suppose to be, in minutes what the goal marathon pace is in hours. That's just too easy for me though - and so I did the 800s at a goal 3:30 - even though I know damn well I won't be sniffing 3:30 come November 22nd. I did them down at Tyler - including the Jupiter loop - for a total of 20:30 - about 6:55 min/mile pace - just under the goal pace - and they felt pretty easy at that. I think they would've been easier if I didn't have the race 2 days ago. Total mileage - about 6.5. Tomorrow I'll probably do the Twilight Trail run again since I think that's easy on the legs.

Bonus coverage: I got a 'beer of the month' for a birthday present - reviews to come soon ....

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