Sunday, September 06, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend got off to a good start with a party at Pete's Pub Friday night and then lunch with the kids and wife at the Spot to watch Penn State. It was good to see some other Penn State fans, and of course, the team get the easy W - although this schedule is truly sad. Akron, Syracuse, Temple and Eastern Ill? Unbelievable. What is the AD thinking? Anyway, today Jen finagled some pool time at the Mystic Marriot and in about 10 minutes we have the Judson Avenue block party followed closely by the Judson Avenue Fantasy Football Draft at 8:30 - also at the pub - a busy PM to be sure.

This morning I capped week 5 of marathon training by pushing 50 pounds of little girl for 7 miles over about 1 mile of hills. It wasn't too bad - although Friday's 13 miler killed. I think I dehydrated myself. I'll have to watch that. Anyway - 32 miles this week. Another 7 or 8 tomorrow and then I'll either do a 5k or a long 16 miler next week. I'm leaning toward the 16 miler since the 13 went so poorly and the CVS 5k would be the week after anyway. We'll see.



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