Friday, August 21, 2009

A Lot Going On.

So my talk came and went on Monday afternoon and I enjoyed the rest of the conference before heading back up to CT on the Amtrak Wednesday. Although it's always great to come home and see the kids I can't say it's lovely hear. The humidity has been awful and our house is going to be a sweat box later today. Add to that my wife's a bit nervous going back to work and our kids have started all day daycare for the first time ever - so I'm back home - but home is a bit out of whack. Nothing horrible - just a little difficult. I'm hoping the weather can at least moderate a little this weekend. If nothing else, I (along with 1/2 of New England) would like to get over to RI and check out our monster waves.

Training has been brutal. Week 3 and I'm already struggling. I resisted the urge to run Tuesday, slept in instead - and then did a ~8.5 miler (1 hour 15 minutes) Wednesday morning. The conditions were awful - so I was up and out by 6:15. I headed over to the Jefferson Memorial (again) before looping back up toward the Wash-monument, then over into Virginia. I made it all the way past the Pentagon before turning back. A great run - I'm glad I got in some distance that morning, because I was sure as shit not going to get it in the PM hours these last 2 days. I went out yesterday (3.8) and today (3.7) for short/sweltering/miserable runs. Should have went swimming today. The good news is I'm at 20 miles - with my Sunday run still to come - so I should top off at 25-26 for the week. Next Monday, I'll try to get over to Westerley for the Charlie Stavros Beach Run - one of the best of the year (and free!). Then it's some easy miles until a 10 miler next Friday - hopefully the humidity will go down a bit - otherwise I may very well drop dead.

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