Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Sunday

Yesterday the neighborhood (which has been unusually well organized this year - which I credit the women for - since the men have trouble scheduling 3 hours a year to do the fantasy football draft) met up at Lake Compounce - a somewhat local and underrated family amusement park near Bristol CT. It is, in fact, across the street from ESPN's headquarters. Lake Compounce is interesting in that they feature a lot of fairly unique rides - a few of them highlighted by this timely GeekDad write-up, as well as a pretty nice waterpark. The kids had a great time - I don't think I've ever seen my 3-year old daughter as excited as she was exiting the kiddie coaster yelling "zoom, zoom!!" Pretty cool.

The down side was the nearly continuous 7 hours standing/walking about following the mornings 5.7 mile run through Noank. The legs felt it today. Nevertheless, I continued today (the start of week 2!) with a humid 5.6 miles about work. I'll need to go again tomorrow before travels start on Wednesday.



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