Saturday, August 08, 2009

16 Candle Salute.

I was saddened to learn that John Hughes died yesterday of a heart attack at the all to early age of 58. I was a pretty nerdy 12-13 year old, on the cusp of high school myself during Hughes' hot streak of movies - and would have trouble today finding 3 movies that define that age/time better than "the Breakfast Club", "Weird Science" and "Sixteen Candles". These movies made such an impression - that I still feel like I'm watching "older kids" when I see the Breakfast Club on TV - because I was still looking up in age at them the first time I watched it. I can only hope my own children have such wonderful/enjoyable/impactful movies during their own pre-teen/teenage years.

Of course, nothing like a too soon celeb-heart attack to get you motivated to run: did 8.75 miles home on Thursday. It felt great - we're having this fall-like weather that makes running a pure joy - no wonder I hated it growing up in Arizona. I biked in Friday out of necessity - since my car was still at work. Total mileage so far: 14 running and over 45 on the bike (+11 x-training miles). This marked my first week of marathon training - and I'm now officially signed up for Philly. Off to a great start.

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