Monday, July 13, 2009

More Shore

A lot of pool and beach time so far this week. We did a few hours at the pool yesterday and headed into Atlantic City for the beach today. I've been to a few beaches down here over the years and ACs stacked up well. It helped that it was free. The sand was good, the breeze and temp were perfect - and the water felt great. The girls had a very good time. Kids love sand.

I managed to run to/from the pool yesterday (2 miles each way) and did 400 yards in the pool. I would've like to swim more -but I don't have my goggles - so I have trouble getting going good. I did some more swimming in the ocean today - pretty much the only person out of thousands it seems - interested in actually swimming. It felt great - but I still had the goggle problem. All told - I'm up to maybe 800 yards for the week. After getting back I did about a 3 mile jog. So after two days - I've got 7 miles running and ~2-3 eq. miles in the water.

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