Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Bowling with the kids this weekend:
1. Me (dominated)
2. Julia (special talent)
3. Wife ('get your head in the game')
4. Mother in-law.
5. Elena - but first for enthusiasm.

Probably the last time I finish ahead of Julia in anything. I'm pretty certain she already has a much deeper understanding of the TV remote than I do.

Julia officially starts Kindergarten tomorrow and Jen started working at SHS yesterday - she went to bed at 8:00 tonight - so I can't say things are going great - but she seems to be holding it together pretty well.

I made it out for over 7 miles Sunday - felt awesome. Probably the best run in a long while. Did 5 with the Daves at work Monday. Wore those damned new Asics - felt fine for about 20 minutes then I had about half-dozen sore areas along the legs and feet. Not as bad as last week - I'm still holding out hope that I can break them in. Two more easy days and then another long (13 miles) on Friday.

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