Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week 6 Training

I've re-arranged my training schedule a little to (1) accomodate the CVS 5k next Sunday and (2) get a better long run in after last week's fiasco. However, I didn't want to bump up mileage much, so I decided to only go 4 days: Monday [7-miler], Wednesday [6-miler], Friday [16-miler] and Sunday [6-miler] - that'll give me 35 miles for the week.

Monday's run was great. The day before I did the Brooke St./Noank run with the kids and it took an hour and 8 minutes. Without the kids it only took 56 minutes and felt great.

Wednesday was pretty good - I went at lunch with Larry, Les and Dave R. We did the Avery loop before Larry and I veered-off and did the 'bitch' hill for some extra mileage. I felt strong, although the new Asics 2140 continue to cause me problems: not so much the arch blister in the left foot, but rather achillies pain in the right foot. What the hell happened to Asics? I'll probably have to cough up another $100 and get a new pair of Adrenlines soon.

Yesterday was raining and I had wicked jock itch (don't laugh - it sucks), so I decided against running home and instead decided to do 5 x 3 mile laps at work. The first 4 laps were just down the river toward Eastern point and then over to Jupiter, back across Tyler - slightly over 3 miles. The last lap I did the Eastern point beech parking lot and skipped the 1/2 mile Jupiter loop. I did the first 2 loops in about 27 minutes each: plus the 6 minutes to get clear of Pfizer and I was already over one hour. I was feeling good, so I pushed the next two loops to 26 minutes/3 mile pace - still pretty slow, but I was now pushing 2 hours. The last lap I treated as more a of cool down and poked back through the gate at work in 2 hours, 23 minutes - over 16.3 miles - a sub-nine pace. I realize I shouldn't be pushing on the long runs - but it's hard to go that slow for that long.

Sunday I'll be doing a quick 6 miler. Next week should be more fun - no long runs! I have a 3x1 mile interval run planned with Larry on Monday. Then I'll need to do 6 at lunch each day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then next Sunday is the CVS 5k up in Providence. I'd like to do the 3x1s in about 7:10-7:15 pace - maybe going faster on the last one - so hopefully the CVS run won't be a complete disaster due to lack of speed work.

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