Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 6: In the Books

Today I finished week six with an easy 5.7 miler pushing Elena in the jogger. We went slow: 53 minutes. The only news of note is that my new Asics didn't suck. I could feel a little rubbing on the left heal, but no soreness in the right Achillies, which is in the grand scheme, more of a worry. I'm not certain if these will ever get to the point of use-ability on the long runs, but I did 12 of the 35 miles this week in them, and hope to bump that up to 15-20/week. I'll have to buy some Adrenlines at some point, and probably do the race in them.

Speaking of 35 miles, I pretty certain that's a new record for me in 1 week, and the 16-miler Friday is the longest run I've ever done. My reward - an "easy" week: 30 miles, only 6-miles/run for 5 runs - starting with tomorrow's 3x1 mile interval workout. If I remember, I'll try and head over to Bluff point this week after work to do some trail running.



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