Sunday, September 20, 2009

CVS 5K Race

I rounded out this week's mileage with a trip up to Providence for the CVS 5K national championship. I finished a little less than 8 minutes behind this years champ - Matt Tegenkamp, but first on my team at a pokey 21:04 [unofficial]. The other 2 runners were ~21:17 and ~21:38, so were probably not getting the shoe prize [update: finished 9th out of 45 teams; all 3 other Pfizer teams finished 1st in there respective divisions]. Anyway - If I'm about right on the time, that'd be about 20 seconds off last years pace, and a 6:48 pace. I'm actually happy with that since I was worried I'd be more around 7:00s. I'll update with final results when they're posted.

Also - 30 miles this week - last time we'll be this low for a while.

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