Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 8 Going On!

Today I finished my 3rd run of the week - a 7.4 miler that covered the Twilight Trail run course - albiet at a slower 1 hour and 6 minute time. It was great to get outside and run - I saw a few small frogs (must be small frog season), 1 deer and 2 chipmunks - tons of fisherman out at the point.

Yesterday I did the 6 mile loop at work including Avery (but not Jupiter) and the bitch, in 49 minutes - just over an 8 min/mile pace which felt fast (probably because I'm always starting pretty slow nowadays.

Monday I kicked off week 8 with a slow 5 miler with Larry - we were both pretty cashed after the CVS race Sunday so we took it very easy. I have to say, the more the days go by the more jazzed I am that I ran so well Sunday: 6:48 pace feels pretty good considering the miserable string of races and bad luck: (1) Washington Trail 10K [hills/heat], (2) Twilight Trail run [sick], (3) JP Morgan [sick/heat] and (4) Beach Run [quicksand beach].

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